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90311 Old Hwy Tavernier, FL 33070

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1. Use common sense and good judgment.
2. Wear Personal Flotation Device at ALL TIMES.
3. Keep body and clothing away from jet intake (underside of waverunner).
4. Open the hood to ventilate fuel vapors before operating.
5. Attach lanyard to left wrist.
6. Familiarize yourself with the controls.
7. Accelerate by pulling the throttle lever on right side.
8. You must apply throttle to turn.
9. There are NO BRAKES.
10. Always look in all directions for boaters, skiers and swimmers.

11. Let go of machine if you fall off. If watercraft capsizes, turn it clockwise from the rear, board only from the rear of machine & replace kill switch key.
12. Practice deep water boarding while in shallow water.
13. Prevent collision by: Staying away from other boats and swimmers while applying throttle.
14. Avoid shallow water particularly where there are tree slumps or sandbars, and stay away from any area where people are in the water.
15. Do not attempt jumps or cross the path of oncoming boats.
16. Do not travel far away without another boat with you.
17. Do not apply throttle when the passenger is behind the boat.

18. Do not ride further than swimming distance from shore.
19. Do not follow in another vehicles wake.
20. Report all accidents or damage to Rental Company IMMEDIATELY.
21. Rider must stay seated.
22. Go slowly in and out from dock.
23. You must stay 50 YARDS from any person, fixed objects, or other vessels.
24. Anyone intoxicated will not be allowed to ride.
25. Be courteous to others.